Nancy is a human who does many things. Usually artsy things, but sometimes YouTube watching things. She likes to stand on stages or in front of cameras to tell stories, give voice to things that aren't said, and hopefully make you feel something true in the process. 


About Nancy

Photo Credit: Hill Peppard

Photo Credit: Hill Peppard

Originally from Bathurst (NB), Nancy Kenny is a fluently bilingual actor, writer, producer, arts marketing and social media professional.

She is the creative force behind Roller Derby Saved My Soul, Everybody Dies in December, and the feature-length documentary On the Fringe.


Nancy just wrapped a Principal role in No Good Deed with Incendo Productions in Montreal.

A brand new Heritage Minute featuring Nancy in the lead role.



Roller Derby Saved My Soul is now on sale in store through the Canadian Play Outlet
or directly here through this website.