Have Movie, Will Travel (Part 1)


Hey, remember how I produced a documentary about life on the Fringe Festival circuit? Well the updates have been coming in fast and furious on that little baby. We now have a brand new website (CHECK IT OUT!) and an official movie poster! I mean just look at this thing. It's so slick! Design by Petr Maur - Sexy poster modelling by Madeleine Hall

But those are the external items that come with producing your own film. You're probably wondering where things are at now with the movie itself. Well, on November 5th, Natalie Watson, Cory Thibert and I gathered in Calgary for the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals directors' conference to show off what Ottawa Fringe Executive Director Patrick Gauthier dubbed "a very good first draft." - this is probably going to be the official tag line for the film.

Our standard team photo

Guys, we were nervous. Very nervous. Here we were with a project we've been working on for about two years now and showing it off to what could simultaneously be our friendliest and toughest audience.

And it went off really well! We showed about 60 minutes of the film and got some really great feedback afterwards (see above quote from Patrick Gauthier). A bunch of festivals are also super keen and specifically requesting us to bring the film to their town next year.

So what happens now?

Well, we (and by we I mean Natalie) goes back to the editing suite to keep working on the film. We hope to have a solid 90 minute film done in early 2016 for a potential film festival and fringe festival release next year.

While she went back to Vancouver to to that, Cory and I were off to Los Angeles.

To be continued in Part 2...